China Market-Entry For North American Food & Beverage Brands

One-stop turn-key distribution platform for branded exporters targeting the offline and online retail markets in China.

Secure. Sophisticated. Simple.

ChinaXpress TM

DIY find, qualify & engage directly with prospective wholesale buyers from our database of active Chinese buyers.

ChinaBuyer TM

Engage Pandexa as your Master Distibutor for China via this turn-key service. Never leave your desk and sell to China like a Fortune 100 company.


Chinese Middle Class Population
The Largest Market
In the World

The current middle class population in China exceeds 300 million people and is expected to exceed 600 million people by 2020.

Chinese Preference for Foreign Products
Chinese Consumers
Love Foreign Brands

Across five product categories, a majority of Chinese high-income consumers prefer foreign made products over Chinese ones.

Value of U.S. Exports to China
Strong Demand for
U.S. Products

U.S. exports to China have grown by 330% in the past 10 years.


Sell to China Without
Leaving Your Desk

Use ChinaBuyerTM,   to test interest in your products with leading offline and online buyers in China. Use ChinaXpressTM,   to sell to the leading offline and online buyers in China.

Exporting to
China Simplified

Pandexa acts as a master-distributor and is your sole customer for China. We manage the entire export process soup-to-nuts. We pickup your goods at your factory site in North America and deliver to the Chinese buyers and handle all steps in between minimizing your overhead required to engage our service.

Access and Sell To
Multiple Channels Nationwide

We are an omni-channel platform – we sell to the leading offline and online buyers in each region of China. We do not engage in exclusive nationwide arrangements with any one buyer enabling you to access a much larger addressable market vs. a single exclusive distributor model.